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IME の選択欄が変な位置に出る。

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Summary: Japanese IME select box appear at incorrect position

Steps to reproduce
1. Open some page where there is a text area. (I tried with http://orera.g.hatena.ne.jp/edvakf/20100417/1271484648)
2. Change IME to Japanese.
3. Type some Japanese text and press shift to show IME's select box.

Expected result
The box should appear right below where your cursor is.

Actual result
The box appears below the text area.

See the screenshot.


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Opera 10.5 for Mac でずっと Command+{ (Command+Shift+[) で "Back" するアクションがおかしいと思っていたのだけど、どうやら Shift のないほうの Command+[ を先に出してから Command+Shift+[ を出しているのだと気づいた。

もしかしたら Windows の人も、Shift のあるなしだけで分けてあるショートカットで同じことが起こるかもしれない。



Summary: "Switch to next page" with "} Command" on Mac fires incorrect action

Steps to reproduce
1. Open Opera10.50 and open a few tabs.
2. Press "Command+Shift+]". (or "Command+}")

Expected result
Cycle to next tab.

Actual result
Opera cycles to next tab only when it can't go forward in history, nor can it do fast forward. So it's implemented as if the action was "Forward | Fast forward, 0 | Switch to next page" instead of "Switch to next page".

Note that on the keyboard.ini file, the action is
Platform Mac, ] Command=Forward | Fast forward, 0
Platform Mac, } Command=Switch to next page
so Opera tries to fire "] Command" even if Shift is pressed.
トラックバック - http://orera.g.hatena.ne.jp/edvakf/20100423