もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがOpera Browserを使ったら






  • Fixed DSK-279809 (Wrong accelerator key for CJK)
  • Fixed DSK-276834 (Ini file variables no longer working: %s, %t, %c, %u, %l)
  • Fixed DSK-268249 ('Use Integrated Search' searches in google, not in the page)
  • Fixed DSK-286209 (Crash when disabling "Encode international Web addresses with UTF-8)
  • Fixed DSK-279742 (Incorrect font used for UTF8 page without lang specified)

Crash when disabling "Encode international Web addresses with UTF-8 というのはたぶんOpera10.50にて、必ず落ちるサイト - Web ページの閲覧に関する問題解決 - 日本語の件で、斎藤さんにお願いして確かめてもらったやつだと思う。迅速対応に感謝です。

Sputnik@Chromium Blog



↓この前の Sputnik テストを Chromium チームの人もやってみたらしい。

Opera 10.50, 77 failures ってあるけど、うちでは 18 errors, 3 failures だったんだけど、何かの間違いなんだろうか。もしかして、僕がやったのは kangax さんがパッケージングしたやつだったのに対して Chromium のほうは Google がパッケージングしたやつだったから? 元は同じテストだけど組み合わせ方によって結果が違うとか? (そんなことってあるのかな)


Although technically it doesn't "behave" on the following websites because they do 0% Opera support:

[these websites all have confirmed critical bugs in Opera]

IMDB (go on, try and watch a movie trailer, I dare you)


Netflix (try and watch streaming content)

Facebook (all around bad experience)

EBay (can't do anything)

Yahoo! Mail


There are also many bugs in the awful 10.50 release, including:

  • Use image on desktop doesn't work
  • Bookmark organization doesn't work
  • Clicking middle click to scroll in iframe doesn't work
  • Higher memory usage than 10.10
  • Tab opening / closing on tab bar is buggy, especially when middle clicking
  • Inline find is garbage, sometimes doesn't search at all
  • Rendering bugs where parts of your page will render without styles or odd background repeats

Opera is like the world's fastest car that is too wide to fit on any road. No point in using the world's faster browser when the web doesn't care about Opera.


Opera はこれらのサイトでちゃんと動かないんだから、仕様? だから何? Opera 10.50 なんてもうバグだらけで最悪だったよ。

  • 画像をデスクトップに使うのが動いてない (注・今日の Snapshot で修正)
  • ブックマーク管理が動いてない
  • iframe でミドルクリックしてスクロールできない
  • 10.10 よりメモリ食い
  • タブバーでミドルクリックしたときの挙動がバグっぽい
  • ページ内検索はゴミ以下。まったく動いてないときもある (注・これは僕も経験してる。なんとかしてほしい)
  • ページの一部がスタイルなしでレンダリングされたりするバグ

Opera って世界で一番速いけど一番大きくて道路にはまってない車だろ。Web 界が Opera のことなんて気にしてもないのにいくら速いとか言ったって無駄。



I do care, and my websites all work on Opera just fine...

I don't care the fact most people don't.

@Andrew, at some point IE had 99% market share. No point in using other browser because nobody uses them and the web does not care about them right ? Yet, the good standard compliant browsers are growing and that means overall better interoperability and the evolution of the internet.

Opera is an excellent browser, with many innovations (as clearly everyone copies from them) and kick ass standards support.

If you have specific problems, don't bitch randomly in some random website. Rather report the issues to opera and websites. Else, you're just being a troll and stupid.

@Andrew Man!! You're a hater or what? first: you should read before writing, because this is a conformance test, not an usability test; second: the phrase "these websites all have confirmed critical bugs in Opera"... you read it your way man... it is not opera failing on those sites... it is THOSE SITES failing in opera, that means, that's those sites' problems... not opera.... ppl like you always stop at the surface of the problems.... too bad

I can't even get the test to complete on Opera 10.5.

It's stuck at 4%.

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